• Surf the colors. Live the life

    Blow up your world with bright colors along with the tablet Pixus Touch 9.7 3G 


  • Color is the language of emotions 

    Prepare for the fact that your attitude to the colors totally change when you open a box with Pixus Touch 9.7 3G 


  • It's time to become a color!) 

    Who said that the tablet accessories must be black and boring? Pixus refutes this myth, actively claiming, that charger, cable and headset must not only work correctly, but also has incomparable look and bring aesthetic pleasure



  • Gadget for epicure

    Tablet Pixus Touch 9.7 3G is specially designed for people, who like big screens and fans of 4:3 ratio, which is optimal even for reading books and working with documents that allows you easily change your tablet into mobile office


  • Just relax and enjoy 

    Maximum comfort and stable work is one of the main requirement for the tablet, which is performed by the powerful 4-core processors and high-performance video-card Mali-400 MP2



  • Super-Communicator 

    With Pixus Touch 9.7 3G you will always have access to the internet and you can even make calls, because it supports Wi-Fi standards and 3G, and it`s equipped with two slots for SIM-cards (WCDMA – for the mobile Internet and GSM – to make calls)



  • Easily go on a journey 

    Built-in GPS module turns the tablet into a real navigator, which will help you to find the way in unknown terrain. Thanks to the support of A-GPS, the tablet downloads terrain data much faster


Developed by Dreamvention