• Touch the colors. Live the life

    You can feel the color by touch, and it's true. Dive into the colorful world with tablet Pixus Touch 7.85 3G


  • Discover  the color 

    At first acquaintance with the tablet Pixus Touch 7.85 3G you`ll get into the world of bright and stylish colors


  • Color energy rocks! 

    Boring and dull black recharges, and earphone`s wires…Enough! Make your world a brighter place, surrounded by colored accessories from Pixus, which nice to carry and use


  • Your mobile office 

    With Pixus Touch 7.85 3G easily create mobile office, because the aspect ratio of display 4:3 is ideal for reading books and working with documents


  • Touch the virtual reality 

    IPS screen with a diagonal matrix and 7.85 inches will give you a real bright colors, which you want to touch


  • Power in a stylish package

    Thanks to the powerful 4-core processors and high-performance video card Mali-400 MP2, the tablet will provide a comfortable work with games and high-quality video playback in high resolution (1080)


  • With such a companion - even to the edge of the Earth ..) 

    Going on a trip, you can easily take Pixus Touch 7.85 3G, because it is equipped with built-in GPS with support of A-GPS, which makes it possible to use the tablet as a navigator without using internet connection and reduce download time of coordinates to 10-20 seconds


  • Your communication center 

    Always keep up with the trend and be in touch – the requirements of the modern world. What do you need for that? Compact tablet Pixus Touch 7.85 3G, which provides access to the Internet at any time (thanks to the support of 3G and Wi-Fi) and provide stable work-process


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