• stream the colors. live the life

    It is important to be in trend, to live a full life and give oneself up to the emotions

  • Your colourful surprise

    The new world of colours, textures and good mood – that’s what awaits you inside the package of Pixus Touch 10.1 3G

  • Be filled with Colour!

    Coloured energy is cool! Having realized it we decided that the charger and accessories to the tablet should be not only useful and reliable, but also beautiful!

  • Full 6500 mAh

    The battery capacity of 6500 mAh allows this model to support the operation of the tablet for a long time and the battery charger kit charges the battery in just 4.5 hours

  • Wide format for large opportunities 

    Large and bright 10-inch screen with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, is ideal for watching movies and videos not only alone, but in a small company

  • Performance, which gives comfort

    Powerful 4-core processor in a duet with a graphics cards adapted for games provides high performance of the tablet – play games with particular graphics and watch videos in high resolution (1080p) with maximum comfort

  • You'll never get lost because

    the tablet Pixus Touch 10.1 3G has a built-in GPS module with support for A-GPS, which increases significantly (for several times) the speed of loading of terrain data. You are not be scared to go round the world trip with such a connoisseur of roads

  • Connected anytime, anywhere

    Do you need to be always connected or are you just used to be up to date? With Pixus Touch 10.1 3G it is more than possible, because permanent access to the Internet is provided through extra sensitive and high-speed Wi-Fi unit, as well as a built-in 2G (mobile communication and Internet) and 3G (high speed internet) units

  • Vivid entertainment

    The screen of the tablet is made with IPS technology, which provides an ideal colour reproduction and wide viewing angle. Videos, games and images are the most realistic and colourful



  • Office, entertainment centre and mega-communicator in one device

    The format of the tablet allows it to be all-purpose – it is both a multimedia entertainment centre and a portal to the world of the Internet, and a mobile office in a single device

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