• Greetings!

    We are glad that you`ve looked at this page to get more information about us. We are #pixusteam and our main goal is making your life brighter and more positive.

    We create pixus for those, who are close to our life motto: feel the colors. live the life. For those who know  what it means to feel and live: to do little openings every day, it's cool to spend time with family and friends, and don`t forget to post pictures and share the life with the people in friend-list, which, we are sure you have a huge amount.

    Our product is a colorful, positive emotions, enclosed in electronic gadgets and accessories: tablets, MP3 players, earphones.

    All products are developed in our industrial design studio Shpinat. We understood long time ago, that you can`t create an awesome product without loving and passing it through your own soul, so each our  device  is a piece of ourselves.

    We hope that you will become our good friend. And all products we create will bring you a lot of colorful emotions and vivid positive feelings!

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